Monday, May 9, 2016

My #7 Favorite Nail Polish for 2016...

Boho Blues!!

Boho Blues was released in 2015 in the China Glaze Road Trip Collection.  I love that this periwinkle leans more blue than purple. I think what makes this polish different than other periwinkle's I have in my collection is that it's so bright and fresh. For being such a light and bright color, the formula is great! It has a slight jelly consistency. It is opaque in three thinner coats or two generous coats.

This swatch is three coats.

Compared to another similar China Glaze polish- Secret Periwinkle, Boho Blues is lighter and leans more blue whereas Secret Periwinkle leans more purple and a touch richer. Boho Blues is darker than Bikini So Teeny and obviously doesn't have that slight silver shimmer, and the formula is much nicer, but I still like them both:). You're Such A Budapest (another favorite of mine) is more purple, but has the same light shade. And I probably didn't even need to include Show Us Your Tips, but since it is new this year thought I should. It is a deeper shade of purple and has a very strong silver shimmer-not really close to Boho Blues.

I saw this design from Rifle Paper Company and knew this one would be so gorgeous on the nails. And I was right!

It does take some time to create this, especially when you are doing the design on each nail. If that feels too overwhelming, just try doing one or two accent nails and leave the rest with just a base color. I used brushes to create this, but you could also use a dotting tool for the flowers and toothpick for fine lines.

Here are the supplies I used to create this design:

Click on the link below to see the full length tutorial. Please subscribe to my Channel! :) *If you recreate this design use #gopolishednails in Instagram so I can see it!

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