Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Essie Fall 2016 Colleciton Comparisons

I am falling more and more in love with this collection you guys! It's such a great balance of lights and darks, the formulas are great, and most of the colors have just the right amount of dustiness to them. Which I love this time of year. Have you picked any up yet?

I have a full review and live swatches of all six polishes on my YouTube channel. If you haven't see it, click on the link below.

Okay, let's get into the comparisons for each one.

Go Go Geisha- a soft, dusty rose nude polish. It really is a pretty neutral shade. I love it!

Here it is compared to similar polishes in my collection. OPI's Don't Boss Nova Me Around is just about the same color tone (maybe a little more tan), but it's a few shades lighter. I'm Gown for Anything is more purple toned and doesn't have the dustiness that Go Go Geisha has. 

A closer look at the three.

Now and Zen- a dusty gray with a touch of warmth.

Doing this comparison made me realize that I need more gray in my life! These are the only similar shades I have. You can see that CG Intelligence, Integrity & Courage is more cool toned, and Petal Pushers has much more blue (while still being gray). I love the warm tone of Now and Zen on my warmer skin tone. It's beautiful!

A closer look at the two closer shades. You can see the warmth when compared to I,I & C.

Udon Know Me- a dusty and soft dreamy blue. This polish also has a touch of warmth to it. One of my favorites :)

At first I thought it would be very similar to Truth or Flare, but as you can see it's softer and warmer. It's very similar to First View. First View does have a slight shimmer to it and is slightly cooler. 

Here's a closer look at FV and UKM. I personally like UKM better because the warmer tone looks better with my skin tone. They are both beautiful though!

Playing Koi- a warm, rusty and dusty orange. Another one of my favorites from the collection:).

I fell in love the OPI's It's A Piazza Cake last year and thought they might be dupes but... they aren't. Comparing the two together made me push IAPC aside for Playing Koi. It's much richer and slightly more red toned. Well done Essie, this one is SO original! I added Yank My Doodle (which is new this fall too) just so you could see how orange the others are. It also let's you see the mauve tones in Yank My Doodle.

Here's a closer look. Wow! I just love PK SO much. Can't wait to actually wear it!

Maki Me Happy- a slightly dusty red with purple undertones.

Maki Me Happy seemed very close to Gala-Vanting, but Gala-Vanting surprisingly has even more purple undertones when applied to the nail. MMH almost identical to the cult favorite OPI Magnala Wine. While they both have great formulas, they are different. I added Bahama Mama so you can see that all these polishes lean purple, but not as much as BM does.

A closer view of these three. 

Kimono Over- a deep dusty purple. Another of my favorites, it's a great color for fall.

Here it is next to Turn 'n Pose and as you can see it's much darker. It is very, very similar to OPI's Grape Affair. So if you have that one, pull it out this fall!

Here's a closer look at KO and AGA. AGA is slightly brighter and not as dusty, but it's very, very close. In regular indoor light they are identical.

What a great collection! I hope you guys found those comparisons helpful! Let me know what shades you will be wearing this fall. I would love to see how you are going polished! :)

-Go Polished