Monday, February 29, 2016

Essie 2016 Spring Collection Comparsions!!

The recent releases of spring collections definitely has me dreaming of warmer weather! I was really impressed with this Essie collection. The formulas were fantastic and several are one coaters! Have you seen my live swatch video? If you haven't, click on the link below:

And, here is a link to the collection on Amazon: Essie Spring 2016

I pulled out several polishes from my collection that are in the same color family to see if there are any dupes from previous collections, or recent collections. I like to compare all brands because I figure if you have one that is the same color in any brand, you would want to know. Right? Okay, lets get into the review and comps now. 

High Class Affair- is a light and soft peachy nude polish. The formula is smooth and creamy and it has great coverage in two coats.

I think if Essie Back in The Limo and Essie Topless and Barefoot had a baby it would be High Class Affair :). It really is just the perfect marriage between the two. dupe here (at least in my collection).

Lounge Lover- is a light peachy pink/coral polish. The formula is fantastic and it is opaque in two coats. I ended up getting the coats a little too thick in this swatch. (I had problems with the paint running down the handle of the brush and pooling on the nail. A problem I seem to have with Essie polishes sometimes. But, you just need to clean off the handle on the side of the bottle before application.) Anywho, I love this polish it's beautiful!

This polish is pretty much the exact same as OPI's Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya which was just released in OPI's New Orleans collection. It's also the same as a new polish 'The Hills' from Defy and Inspire (the new target line-review coming soon). If I had to choose between all three I would go for Lounge Lover or The Hills. Both have fantastic formulas and both are opaque in two coats. CFAC takes three coats to be opaque.

 I also wanted you to see Cute As a Button (a cult fave) next to Lounge Lover and as you can see Lounge Lover is a much lighter and peachier coral.

Off Tropic- is a cool toned rich forest green. The formula once again is fantastic and oh so smooth. Opaque in ONE coat, but as you know I always do two. I am always happy to wear green and I think it's the perfect color for leaves when I get into the spring floral nail designs. :)

Here it is compared to Stylenomics, which is a much darker green (almost black). Zoya Hunter is a more yellow toned hunter green, and Off Tropic is a more blue toned hunter green. I love them all!

Pool Side Service- is my favorite of the bunch! It is a perfect mix of green and blue. I love colors that make you question, and this one does just that. Formula is fantastic and it is opaque in ONE easy coat. The swatch below is two coats.

Essie's The Perfect Cover Up is a much darker and more blue polish. One of my all time favorite polishes is Vested Interest and I thought it would be almost the same, but I was happy to find that even though they both share that same dusty quality, VI leans more green than PSS. No dupes here. Yay!

Shades On- is a mid-tone dusty purple. It has fantastic crelly formula as well and is opaque in ONE easy coat.

I fell in love with Lost My Bikini In Molokini last year and thought it would be the same, while it does have that similar dustiness, it is a few shades darker than Shades On. Essie's Suite Retreat is a more blue toned purple. I think I will keep them all. :)

Sunshine State Of Mind- is a dark and slightly dusty coral orange cream polish. It is a stunner!! I had a hard time getting a true picture of this beauty. It is showing up much brighter in the photo. The formula once again is fantastic and smooth.

I don't have anything like this in my collection. Although it's a little hard to tell in the photo, OPI AGMIHTF and Color Binge are much brighter. Sunshine State of Mind is dusty and creamier. Love it!!

I hope you found this helpful. I don't think you would be disappointed if you picked up any polishes from the collection. I would love to know which are your favorites. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

-Go Polished

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pale Pink Polish Showdown!

I love, love, love pale pink polish. It's so classy and I love to start wearing it again this time of year. It's getting a bit warmer here and I just long for something refreshing on the nails. Who's excited for Spring? 

Anyway, I have picked up 4 new pale pink polishes in the last few months. Three are from new collections and I was dying to try them against each other and find the best one!

I tried the polishes out for 6 days, and the results surprised me. So, make sure to check out my video to see the results. 

Here are the polishes I tested:

Click on the link below to watch the review! Please give me thumbs up if you enjoyed this type of video and don't forget to subscribe! Thanks!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Transitional Nail Polishes (Winter to Spring)

This time of year can just drag sometimes! Don't you agree? It's that time of year when you just want Winter to take a hike and Spring to move in! I don't know about you, but polish is the perfect pick me up for those blues :).

I put together a YouTube video where I have some nail polish suggestions for this transitional phase from Winter to Spring. It's my first time uploading a video where I am actually in front of the camera so everyone be nice to me! Ha! I really wanted to try out this type of video, mostly because these types of videos are really what got me loving polish again. Let me know if you want more videos like this in the future :).

Above are a few of the polishes I mention in the video. I mostly love to wear "dusty" colors this time and year and reserve the spring colors for when it's actually spring. I have several suggestions of color types as well as specific ones. I hope it's helpful and it can pick up your spirits and help you to go polished too!

Click on the link below to view the video:

-Go Polished

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Nail Design: Roses and Polka Dots

Roses and Polka Dots (red and black)

My last Valentine nail design for 2016. I love this romantic look so much, and I love red and black together! I used a dotting tool for the design. If you don't have a dotting tool you can use a toothpick. 

Here are the products I used to create this look:

Want to create this look? Just click on the link below for the full tutorial on my YouTube Channel! And make sure to subscribe!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine Nail Design: Dry Brush Heart

I love the dry brush technique! First of all it looks cool! It's super easy to do and there are no tools required. Can't get much better than that. I wanted to create a Valentine look using this technique and came up with this design. I love it! And can I say how much I love black polish, it's so classy and perfect on shorter nails!

Here are the list of products I used for this look:

Want to try this look for yourself?! You can go polished too, just click on the link below for the full tutorial.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

OPI New Orlean Comparisons

I wanted to compare the OPI New Orleans collection for spring/summer 2106 to polishes in my collection. I found some that came pretty close, but most of the polishes in this collection are pretty unique which I was pretty happy about! I usually only get a handful of polishes from each collection that comes out, but I have a pretty good amount of polishes from OPI's permanent line. 

(I also have a live swatch video of each of these on my YouTube Channel. I will have a link at the end of this post! So check that out.) 

Let's take a look at the polishes...

Take A Right on Bourbon-  is a pearly chrome polish with a very fine silver shimmer. It really doesn't compare to anything in my collection, so I don't have a comparison photo for it.  I have a few pearly whites, but they are pure white, this one is a mirky brown. The swatch below is two coats. 

Let Me Bayou A Drink- is a light pink polish with a silvery sheen-which makes it a little different than your average light pink polish. It's very pretty! The swatch below is three coats.

It's about the same color (maybe a little warmer) as Let's Be Friends, but Let's Be Friends is a straight up creme with no shimmer.

Humidi-Tea- is nude polish unlike any other I have. So no comparison for this one. It is pretty much the same color as my skin tone. It has some silver shimmer in it as well. I like a bit more contrast with my nudes, but the formula was very nice.

Got Myself Into A Jam-balaya- is a beautiful light coral polish. One of my favorites for sure! The formula is pretty good, although it did need three coats to be opaque. If love the color enough though, it is worth doing three coats!

Here it is compared to another coral polish-Live. Love. Carnival (from the 2014 Brazil collection). It gives you an idea of just how light it is. I love it! I will definitely will be sporting this a lot when the weather gets warmer! You just might need to pick this one up too! 

Crawfishin' For A Compliment-  is a light peachy orange polish with a touch of pink. The formula is creamy and smooth and easy to work with. Two coats and it's opaque.

Here it is compared to Where Did Suzi's Man-go, also from the Brazil Collection (I loved that collection) and Essie's Haute As Hello. Where Did Suzi's Mango is darker and slightly more orange. Essie Haute As Hello has quite a bit more pink. So I can justify having them all in my collection. Ha!

Suzi Nails New Orleans- is a bubble gum pink polish. There are many pinks like this by OPI. I don't wear this type of color too often, but I know it's pretty similar to ones they have released in the past. The formula was pretty good. It does have a slight chalky formula, which is pretty typical in some of these brighter polishes. Not my favorite type of formula, but it works. I believe this is 3 coats, although I think you could get away with 2 thicker coats.

It is in the same color family as Kiss Me I'm Brazilian (also form the Brazil Collection), just lighter. and here it is compared to Look At My Bow! from the Hello Kitty collection that just came out. As you can see, Suzi Nails New Orleans is a yellow toned pink.

I'm Sooo Swamped!- is a slightly rich, bright grass green polish. The formula is fantastic! Smooth and creamy and slightly jelly (crelly)! Opaque in two coats.

It is almost identical to Zoya Jace. I also wanted you to see it compared to You're So Outta Lime from the OPI Summer 2014 Neons collection.

Show Us Your Tips!- is a periwinkle polish which leans more blue than purple, and has a pretty silver shimmer, which completely translates on the nail just as it does in the bottle. Formula is pretty easy to work with, not quite as opaque as I thought it would be, but builds up pretty nicely in 3 coats.

It is the same color tone as Essie Pret-a-Surfer (from the 2015 Resort Collection) but that's a straight up creme. You're Such A Budapest (one of my all time fave polishes) is much lighter and more purple. Show Us Your Tips is definitely unique!

Rich Girls & Po Boys- is a rich, bright sky blue. It's such a pretty polish, and the formula is fantastic! This one really surprised me, it wasn't one I thought I would love! There is just something different about this polish that makes it special and I can't quite put my finger on it. It's a stunner!

It's not as much of a purple toned blue as Pacific Blue (which everyone knows and loves-well the original formula anyway), and it is lighter. I also wanted to show you how it compares to Can't Find My Czechbook which is a more green toned blue :). You need this one for sure ;).

I Manicure For Beads-is my kinda color. I love the purply pinks so much, especially in the summer! The formula is fantastic and consistent with the other cremes. It is a one coater, but I always like to do two :).

Here it is with Essie's Flowerista (from their 2015 Spring Collection), which leans more pink. ORLY Frolic (probably my #1 summer polish) is much brighter and more pink toned as well. I LOVE all of these!! :)

Spare Me A French Quarter?- is another stunner! It's a deep raspberry pink shade. The formula once again is fantastic! Not much else to say about this one. Opaque in one coat- but I applied two.

Here it is compared to Miami Beet (love this one too). While they are pretty similar, I feel like Miami Beet is more appropriate for Fall because it is darker. And Spare Me A French Quarter is quite a bit brighter. Love it!

She's A Bad Muffuletta!- is the perfect summer color. The formula is again-fantastic, and it is opaque in one generous coat. I applied two!

Cajun Shrimp is one of my all time favorite vacation polishes and I might have another one to go along with it :). I thought this might be pretty much the same color, but CS is more red/orange and SABM is more red/pink. I need them both!!

Okay, so you are amazing if you made it to the end my friends!! I hope this will help you decide which colors you should pick up! 

Click on the link below to view my swatch video of this collection!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine Nail Design: Rose Gold Hearts

Rose Gold Hearts

I have been loving rose gold and white together for sometime now. I wanted to put them together for a fun Valentine look. I love the way it turned out. It's subtle and classic and a little girly :).

Here are the products I used for this look:

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial. You can go polished too!