Saturday, April 25, 2015

Nail tools I can't live without!

Over the last few years I have researched and tested several different nail tools. The tools I am going to share with you today, are tools I have consistently used and can't live without! Okay okay, I probably could live without them, but why would I want to do that?! :).
(I have links to all the products, just click on the product name by the numbers and it will take you there.)

1. Crystal Nail File

I rarely use an emery board on my fingernails anymore, I prefer to use a crystal file. A good one is worth the money people! I have always had problems with my nails flaking and peeling, and I feel like this (and a few other nail products which will be discussed in a later post) have really helped with that problem. This girl ain't never going back to those regular nail files. ;) I found this Nail Tek file at Ulta, but they are less expensive on Amazon.

2. Cuticle Remover/Scraper

This Tweezerman cuticle remover is my favorite by far. I prefer it over the rounded ones because those usually don't fit the shape of my nails. This one just works well for me. I use it to push the cuticles back and scrape off any excess. Love it!! You can get this at Sally's Beauty Supply or Amazon.

3. Orange Wood Sticks

Orange wood sticks are cheap and just handy to have around. I use them to help push my cuticles back, or just for plain old clean-up when I am painting my nails. I always have one around. You can get these babies anywhere.

I LOVE this Sonia Kashuk No 105 smudge brush. It's works perfectly to make a nice clean edge around the cuticles. After your nail polish color has dried, just dip it in pure acetone, dab off the excess on a towel and get to cleaning. Follow up with a fast drying topcoat, and ta-da! It looks like a professional did your nails! This step is what makes all the difference. You can find this brush at Target.

5. Dotting Tool Set
These are perfect for many different types of nail art (polka dots, flowers, etc). I have seen this exact set at Sally's Beauty Supply, but you can get them super cheap on Amazon.

What are some of your favorite nail tools? I would like to know-maybe I am missing out on something really great.