Sunday, January 31, 2016

Valentine Nail Design: Love and Polka Dots!

Love and Polka Dots

Another simple nail design for Valentines Day! I love this classic love of black and white and polka dots. All you need is love...and polka dots.

I have a lot of tips for this design in my full length tutorial, but another tip when doing the lettering, is to make sure you position/rest your painting hand against your other hand in a comfortable, stable way to give you more control of the brush. You can practice this on your unpainted nail a few times (that's what I did). And, don't forget if you use a fast dry top coat and give it time to dry all the way (at least 15-30 minutes). If you mess up, you can wipe off the acrylic paint with a damp Q-tip or cotton round and start again. And remember, it really doesn't have to be perfect. :)

Here are the supplies I used to create this look:
Cotton rounds

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial. You can go polished too! Just give it a try:).

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentine Nail Design: Purple Rose Heart

 Rose Heart (Purple)

Here's a another Valentines nail design idea for you guys! I love these adorable roses in a heart shape. Do you? This look is fairly simple to create if you can mix paint and blob it on your nail, and using acrylic paints makes it even easier. You can use regular nail polish to make the roses if you want to, but keep in mind that it dries fast so you need to work pretty quickly. 

Here are the supplies I used to create this look:

Want to try this for yourself?! Do you want to go polished too? Click on the link below for the full tutorial on my YouTube Channel, and please don't forget to subscribe to my channel :). Also, if you recreate this look use #gopolishednails in Instagram so I can see it!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Valentine Nail Design: White Roses

White Roses on Negative Space

Simple nail designs are my favorite, especially these soft romantic roses on negative space. This design is perfect for a Valentine's Day mani!

Here are the supplies I used to create this look:

(New from their Hello Kitty Collection)

You can use any color that fits your style with this design. I used red as well and it definitely changes the look quite a bit!

Which do you like better, the pink or the red?!

Click below for the full length tutorial. Try your hand at this design and let me know how it turns out for you, just use #gopolishednails on Instagram so I can see them :). You can go polished too!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Collection Review and Live Swatch Video!

I am excited to share a few polished I picked up from the new OPI Hello Kitty Collection! There are 12 colors total and a few exclusive shades. I picked up 5 of them.

I didn't pick up Never Have Too Mani Friends (black), and I didn't really want another blue or yellow because I don't wear those colors often and have a few already.

I LOVED Spoken From the Heart (coral polish), but when I compared it to Essie's Brides No Grooms they were very similar if not exactly the same color so I didn't feel the need to get it.  

I also have quite a few darker pinks. So, I bought Kitty White, Let's Be FriendsSmall + Cute=<3, Look At My Bow,  and Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel.

Here are a few quick comparisons from my collection. Left to right- Essie Romper Room, OPI Let's Be Friends!, Essie Fiji, OPI Small + Cute=<3, and OPI Kiss Me on the Chic. As you can see none of the polishes in my collection are exact. Yay!! 

Here is Essie Cascade Cool and OPI Look At My Bow. Look At My Bow is more cool toned and slightly lighter, but they are very, very similar. 

Here are my swatches:

OPI Kitty White

 OPI Let's Be Friends!

OPI Look At My Bow!

 OPI Small + Cute = <3

 OPI Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel

Click on the link below to see how these polishes apply!
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nail Tutorial: Blobicure

I have another simple and fun nail tutorial on my YouTube channel-this blobicure!

I created this look using one of my new favorite Wrenn Polishes- Green With Wrennvy! (If you haven't yet, check out my last post where I review and swatch several Wrenn polishes - lots of gorgeous shades!)

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial of this Blobicure! You can go polished too!

*All the products I used are listed in the description box on my full lenth tutorial. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you haven't :).

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introducing Wrenn Polish!

I am so excited today to introduce Wrenn Polish! Wrenn Polish is a 5-free, vegan and cruelty free polish inspired by Wrenn Jewelry colorful world of druzy stones.

Wrenn Jewelry is known for their beautiful handmade druzy and gemstone jewelry. Here are a few rings I have and I love them!

Make sure to check out their website if you haven't- you will want everything you see in their store :). The Wrenn polishes launch TODAY and are available for purchase starting at 9am PST!

I now have all 9 polishes to share with you today. I received three of them a few months later. But I am so happy to have my collection complete. I have updated this post. There will be a link to the live swatch videos-Part 1 and Part 2 below.

All of these polishes have a very, very fine gorgeous glittery shimmer that translates on the nail just as much as it does in the bottle. All the formulas are very consistent and super easy to apply. (I used HK Girl Top Coat for all the swatches below. :))

Party Time

This is a gorgeous overlay that has iridescent glitters and a pearly finish. You could wear it on it's own, but I feel like it's meant to be a topper to give other polishes that shimmery finish. This swatch is four coats :).

Ridiculous Rose

 This a metallic copper polish with a slight rose tone and very fine silvery glitters through out. Opaque in two coats. 

Passionfruit Pink

 This is pink leaning purple polish. It has very fine copper glitter that translates well on the nail. Could be a one coater, but I did two for the swatch below.

A Pirate's Life

This is a gorgeous soft blue with turquoise shimmer. Opaque in two easy coats.

 Better Off Red

A beautiful bright cherry red with a gorgeous golden shimmer. Opaque in two easy coats.

 Feeling Bluzy

A deep navy blue (which can lean purple in some light) with a silver shimmer. Opaque in two coats.


A beautiful burgundy with a magenta shimmer. Opaque in two coats.

Green with Wrennvy

A perfect green teal with a turquoise shimmer. Opaque in two coats.

To Infinity... 

A darker silver chrome with a light silver shimmer. Opaque in two coats. 

 Again I will be adding swatches of the rest of the collection when they arrive, so make sure and check back for those. :) I have been loving these polishes! I will also be doing some fun nail art designs with them in the next few weeks so watch for those. 

**Click on the link below for my Swatch Video so you can see the application of each polish!**

What do you think about these polishes?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My #10 Favorite Winter Polish for 2015...

Couture Covet

I saw this color a few months ago and I snagged it. I decided it was about time to try out the CND Vinylux complete polish system. This color is such a beautiful teal blue and I knew it had to be part of my winter favorites. The formula is thin, but not runny, and is easy to work with. I applied 2 coats for the swatch photo below. 

CND states that Vinylux "is a breakthrough product that endures a week of fashion perfection...without a base coat". The instructions say to apply two coats of polish and one coat of the Weekly Top coat. 

After following the directions I noticed the polish slightly settled into some of the ridges in my nails as it dried.  I have some areas that peel and crack at times and strong ridges that I don't always buff down, so that bothers me a little. The formula was very smooth and very easy to apply and the finish was super shiny.

I tested out the longevity as well. I was planning on keeping this on my nails for at least 7 days. (While you look a these photos keep in mind that I have 4 kids and a household to run, so my hands are always busy, but who's aren't?!)

Day 1: Right after application. 
(Swatch above)

Day 2:
Some tip wear and a little chip on my middle finger. Sometimes I will get chips on areas where I have peeling, but this fingernail wasn't peeling at the time :(

 Day 3: A little more tip wear, no additional chipping.

 Day 4: A lot more wear and a little more chipping. You can see the ridges in my nails in this photo and it's losing it's shine.

 Day 5: A lot more chipping.

Day 6: Well, there was no day 6 because I finally had to take it off. I know there are those who like this system and it must work for them, but it just didn't work for me. Have you tried these? Do they work for you?

So when I wear this polish I use my favorite base and top coat with it and it wears just fine! The polish is expensive, so I will most likely not be purchasing any more from the Vinylux line. 

I went on a hunt to find some lower cost dupes for this color because I love it SO much, and I wanted you guys to have another option. I found one! It's not an exact dupe but it's pretty darn close and it's only $4. Sally Hansen Navy Fleet. This Sally Hansen line if pretty good and I love the thick brush so much.

Here is the design I used for this polish! Love!

Supplies for this look:

Click on the link below for the full tutorial-

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

My #9 Favorite Winter Polish for 2105...

Zoya Kelly!

Zoya Kelly was released in 2010 as part of their Wonderful and Wicked Fall Collection. It is a gray polish with gorgeous purple and blue undertones. So, it keeps you guessing as to what color it actually is and I LOVE that!

The formula is so buttery smooth and it's the perfect consistency. Every time I use it I can't help but yell out-"I LOVE THIS POLISH!!" (Yes, I have issues. Ha!) If you haven't tried any Zoya polishes, what are you waiting for?! This photo below is 2 coats.

I have only three "gray" polishes in my collection. You can see how blue and purple toned Kelly is compared to Strong Coal-ition which is a straight up dark gray. But, you can also see that it's hard to tell if it leans more purple or blue. :)

 I have been wanting to try out the dry brush manicure, this was my first attempt. I think it turned out pretty cool! Next time I will not paint as many layers though. I think I prefer it when you see more of the background color. 

You don't need any other supplies for this manicure, just you and your favorite polishes!

Here are the polishes I used (with links):

Click on the link below for an easy to follow tutorial with important tips and tricks!
*Use #gopolishednails in Instagram if you recreate this look- I want to see it!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My #8 Favorite Winter Polish for 2015...

 Skating on Thin Iceland came out in 2014 as part of the Nordic Collection. I loved this collection and I love this polish!! If you haven't viewed all the polishes from this collection- you need to. They are still available on Amazon and other places. Skating on Thin Iceland is a black cherry polish that leans more purple and is brighter in the light and can look almost black in low light. The formula is fantastic, it applies like butter and is opaque in 2 coats. I love the jelly finish, and you can't beat the shine. It's just beautiful and you need to snatch it up! The swatch below is 2 coats and no top coat.

I have nothing in my collection that come close to this polish. I have these other black cherry polishes pictured below to show you just how purple it leans.

I love the way this nail design turned out and it really is so simple to do! You can create this using a dotting tool or a toothpick. 

Here are the supplies I used for this design:

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel!
*If you recreate this look use #gopolishednails in Instagram so I can see it!

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