Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My #10 Favorite Winter Polish for 2015...

Couture Covet

I saw this color a few months ago and I snagged it. I decided it was about time to try out the CND Vinylux complete polish system. This color is such a beautiful teal blue and I knew it had to be part of my winter favorites. The formula is thin, but not runny, and is easy to work with. I applied 2 coats for the swatch photo below. 

CND states that Vinylux "is a breakthrough product that endures a week of fashion perfection...without a base coat". The instructions say to apply two coats of polish and one coat of the Weekly Top coat. 

After following the directions I noticed the polish slightly settled into some of the ridges in my nails as it dried.  I have some areas that peel and crack at times and strong ridges that I don't always buff down, so that bothers me a little. The formula was very smooth and very easy to apply and the finish was super shiny.

I tested out the longevity as well. I was planning on keeping this on my nails for at least 7 days. (While you look a these photos keep in mind that I have 4 kids and a household to run, so my hands are always busy, but who's aren't?!)

Day 1: Right after application. 
(Swatch above)

Day 2:
Some tip wear and a little chip on my middle finger. Sometimes I will get chips on areas where I have peeling, but this fingernail wasn't peeling at the time :(

 Day 3: A little more tip wear, no additional chipping.

 Day 4: A lot more wear and a little more chipping. You can see the ridges in my nails in this photo and it's losing it's shine.

 Day 5: A lot more chipping.

Day 6: Well, there was no day 6 because I finally had to take it off. I know there are those who like this system and it must work for them, but it just didn't work for me. Have you tried these? Do they work for you?

So when I wear this polish I use my favorite base and top coat with it and it wears just fine! The polish is expensive, so I will most likely not be purchasing any more from the Vinylux line. 

I went on a hunt to find some lower cost dupes for this color because I love it SO much, and I wanted you guys to have another option. I found one! It's not an exact dupe but it's pretty darn close and it's only $4. Sally Hansen Navy Fleet. This Sally Hansen line if pretty good and I love the thick brush so much.

Here is the design I used for this polish! Love!

Supplies for this look:

Click on the link below for the full tutorial-

-Go Polished

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