Monday, November 14, 2016

Essie 'Getting Groovy' Winter 2016 Collection Comparisons!

This collection is really growing on me and I have a few ideas on how I want to use some of these colors in some nail art designs! Did you watch my live swatch and review of the entire collection?!
 If you haven't, click on the link below.

Alright now let's get to the comparisons: 

Go With The Flowy- a gorgeous pale dove gray color with silver and blue shimmer/fine glitter. 

I have nothing in my collection that compares to this, so you might want to snag this one! I did want to have a photo with Now and Zen (new from the Essie Fall 2016 collection), just so you could see how much lighter and cooler GWTF is.

Getting Groovy- A gold metallic with yellow gold fine glitter.

While Good As Gold looks like the same color in the bottle, the shimmer in Getting Groovy makes it more of a yellow gold than a white gold. And of course GAG is a metallic with no shimmer. I have to say that I have already used Getting Groovy in some nail art designs (for Chirstmas) and it goes on SO amazingly smooth. I will be picking up a back-up bottle for sure. I LOVE this one so much! I also love GAG. They are both needed for sure!

And here they are close together on the nail. You can see that GAG is more of a white gold. They really aren't the same at all.

Oh Behave!- A mauve pink with a strong gold metallic shimmer.

Well Essie did it again with a unique polish. While this one isn't one that I would naturally gravitate towards, it is growing on me. I did want you to see it next to Eternal Optimist just because if you love that color, than you will most likely love Oh Behave. It seems like OB is EO and with gorgeous gold shimmer added. I have nothing in my collection that compares to this at at all.

Satin Sister- A green toned teal

It was pretty hard to capture the slight difference in these polishes. They all look pretty much the same, but Satin Sister is more green toned than The Perfect Cover-up and CIA. I have heard SS is basically the same as Go Over board (a polish I don't have in my collection). While SS isn't too original, the formula is fantastic if you are looking for a nice winter teal. Just make sure you wear a base coat because it stains slightly.

Here is a close up on the nail. You can see the differences a little better here, but my camera still had a hard time capturing the green tone of this teal.

Party on a Platform- A pink toned red polish with fantastic formula.

Another red...but the formula is great. Pretty much the exact color as Jump in My Jumpsuit and SO many other Essie reds. But, if you are needing to add a red to your collection at the moment, this is a good one!

Ready to Boa- A brown based polish with burgundy and gold metallic shimmer.

I don't have any Essie's like this in my collection. I have heard that Essie Decadent Dish is very close though and I don't have that one. The closest I could find was OPI Muir Muir on the Wall. They aren't the same, but are pretty similar. I also pictured Carry On here because the base colors are very similar and it gives you a good idea of the tone RTB. 

Here you can see the diffences of these two polishes a little closer up. MMOTW has more of a black base and a raspberry and gold shimmer while RTB has more of a brown base with burgundy and gold shimmer. In natural light you can't really see a difference between the two. Both are very gorgeous colors. :)

That's all for comparisons. Are there any you want to add to your collection. What are your overall thoughts about this collection?

-Go Polished