Saturday, January 9, 2016

My #9 Favorite Winter Polish for 2105...

Zoya Kelly!

Zoya Kelly was released in 2010 as part of their Wonderful and Wicked Fall Collection. It is a gray polish with gorgeous purple and blue undertones. So, it keeps you guessing as to what color it actually is and I LOVE that!

The formula is so buttery smooth and it's the perfect consistency. Every time I use it I can't help but yell out-"I LOVE THIS POLISH!!" (Yes, I have issues. Ha!) If you haven't tried any Zoya polishes, what are you waiting for?! This photo below is 2 coats.

I have only three "gray" polishes in my collection. You can see how blue and purple toned Kelly is compared to Strong Coal-ition which is a straight up dark gray. But, you can also see that it's hard to tell if it leans more purple or blue. :)

 I have been wanting to try out the dry brush manicure, this was my first attempt. I think it turned out pretty cool! Next time I will not paint as many layers though. I think I prefer it when you see more of the background color. 

You don't need any other supplies for this manicure, just you and your favorite polishes!

Here are the polishes I used (with links):

Click on the link below for an easy to follow tutorial with important tips and tricks!
*Use #gopolishednails in Instagram if you recreate this look- I want to see it!

-Go Polished

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