Friday, May 27, 2016

Essie Summer 2016 Swatches and Comparisons!

I have the comparisons you have been waiting for! Seeing these comparisons will help you get an idea of what polishes you want to pick up. If you haven't seen my live swatch and review of this new collection, you don't want to miss it. Click on the link below to watch!

Coconut Cove- An off white cream. Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top.

This was a little hard to capture with my camera, but Coconut Cove has a touch of beige compared to Blanc, which I feel makes it a little softer. Great for those who don't want to wear stark white. I compared it with Urban Jungle so you could see how much more beige it is than Coconut Cove. Formulas on all these are great!

Hiking Heels- A bright orange toned red. Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top. 

Hiking Heels is pretty much identical to both Fifth Avenue (which has been around for a while and is part of their permanent line) and Color Binge (one of my favorites released last fall). Formula's are very similar as well. I am sure there are even more Essie polishes that are the same as well that I don't own. If you have either of these polishes I wouldn't pick it up. If you don't have an orange red polish, get this one! It's gorgeous with great formula!

Berried Treasures- A bright warm toned berry polish. Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top.

I had to brighten up this picture quite a bit so you could see the slight differences when compared to Brides No Grooms and Peach Daiquiri. It is most similar in color to Peach Daiquiri, but the formulas are completely different. Peach Daiquiri is more of a jelly formula while Berried Treasures is a cream with great coverage. Brides no Grooms (another favorite of mine) is more blue toned, but they are very close.

Tribal Text-Styles- A gun metal gray with very fine silver shimmer. Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top.

 As you can see, Frock 'n Roll is more purple based and Tribal Text-Styles is more black/dark gray based. No dupe here. ;)

 Viva Antiqua!- one of my favorites from the collection is a gorgeous green toned turquoise with very fine turquoise to green shimmer. Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top.

There aren't any dupes for this in my collection. Yay! I did want to show you what color tones it is similar to though. Dive In by Salley Hansen is one of my favorites and the color is identical to Viva Antigua! but, it's a straight up cream. In The Cab-ana is slightly more blue toned than Viva Antigua!. I love them all! :)

Loot The Booty- is another favorite form this collection. It's a bold royal blue with purple and turquoise shimmer. You will definitely need to wear a base coat with this one because it will stain your nails. So keep that in mind!! Swatch is two coats, with HK Girl Topcoat on top.

No dupes for this one either. I put it next to Butler Please so you could see how the colors compare. Loot The Booty is a darker blue than Butler Please. 

Overall I am pretty happy with this collection. What are your thoughts on the collection? Let me know in the comments below!

-Go Polished

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