Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Pumpkin Nail Tutorial

My 6 year old daughter came to me the other day with a green polish, a blue polish and an orange polish. She knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted grass, sky and pumpkins on her nails. I love that she thinks about these things :). So we sat down and came up with this-

She also said she wanted me to be a twinner with her. Is that even a word? Anyway, I came up with the manicure below. I love being twins with my daughter at times-even if it means I have to wear pumpkins on my nails. Not usually my thing being that I am, ahem, a little bit older ;), but I really like this design for you younger folks. :)

Here are the supplies you will need for this nail design. Base Coat (not pictured), cream, brown, orange, blue, green and red polishes. Acetone, a dotting tool and a small craft brush, and a fast dry top coat.

You can use any polish brand you would like but, I have to say there is something about these OPI colors! The formula on these allow them blend together seamlessly, and they have such a nice glow from within. Can't quite explain it, but they just work!

The specific supply list (with links for each product) is listed in the description bar of my tutorial. You can find the full tutorial below.

-Go Polished

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