Friday, October 16, 2015

Candy Corn Nail Design

Since Halloween is approaching I wanted to do a few Halloween inspired nail designs. I am starting out with this candy corn design. I wanted it to be a little different than your standard candy corn manicure, and I have been loving negative space lately, so I decided to put them together. I also wanted to keep it pretty simple so it would be a design that I might actually wear and not feel like a 5 year old :). So, I decided on only a few candy corns with a classy white polish for the remaining nails. I tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to polish, although I am starting to branch out a little. :)

Here are the materials you will need for this design:

A good base coat, a yellow, orange and white polish, a fast drying top coat, nail stickers, acetone and good clean-up brush.

Here are the specific products I used with links :)-

The base coat I am loving right now is ORLY Bonder.
Straight Skinny Tape is from What's Up Nails. There are many different places you can get nail stickers, you don't have to specifically use What's Up Nails (although they are fantastic). You can find stripping stickers at Sally's, Walmart and sometimes Target. If they are thicker than I want I usually just cut them to the size I like. You could even cut and use strips of tape from home. Just always make sure your polish is completely dry.
Pure Acetone for Clean-up: Any brand
Smudge brush for Clean-up: Sonia Kashuk No. 105 smudge brush
Top Coat: imn Out The Door fast dry top coat.

Here is the tutorial!! Check it out!

Over the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, I will be sharing more Halloween inspired nail designs! So, stay tuned!

-Go Polished


  1. Thanks for sharing-maybe I'll attempt it ...

  2. Thanks for sharing-maybe I'll attempt it ...

    1. You're welcome :). You should try it, and let me know how it turns out for you!

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