Friday, September 25, 2015

My #3 Favorite Fall Polish for 2015...

Bobbi Brown Nectar!

I know, I know! This was a limited edition polish from Bobbi Brown last summer, and it's really hard to find, but I had to include it because, well... I love it! And, I know it was released as a summer polish, but I prefer it as a Fall polish, cause I am crazy like that! It is definitely a unique orange. Sometimes it looks pink and sometimes it looks red. It keeps me guessing and that makes me happy. (I am so easy to please:)). The formula is thick, creamy and perfect. It is opaque in two thin coats or one generous coat.
And that swatch! Wowza! That just shows how amazing it looks. So since it is almost impossible to find, I definitely had to find some dupes for you. That way you could enjoy a color like this too because, well...that's what makes you happy. Right?! I didn't find an exact dupe, but I came really close. Here are my comparisons...
So, Essie Chubby Cheeks (which I have seen at my local Ulta) is a little darker and slightly more red. On the nail (or in this case the nail wheel), this was the closest dupe in my opinion. Sally Hansen Poof! Be-gonia looked like an exact dupe in the bottle, but when swatched it was a little more brown. Both are pretty darn close if you're not as picky as I me ;). I put Essie Peach side Babe in there to show you how much lighter it is than Nectar, and Essie Cute As A Button to show you that Nectar really is more of an orange than a coral. All of these polishes have a great formula.
I decided to do an Ikat manicure for this favorite color of mine. I LOVE the way it turned out! Have you tried your hand at this before?

Here is a tutorial if you want to try it...

-Go Polished


  1. Amazing Laurie! Keep the tutorials coming!

  2. Amazing Laurie! Keep the tutorials coming!