Saturday, July 2, 2016

My #2 Favorite Polish for Summer 2016...

Hot Flash!!

 Hot Flash is a bright red- (it does show up quite a bit brighter in the photos). I wouldn't consider it  a true neon, but it's very, very bright. Hot Flash is new from the Lite Brites Collection which was released this summer from China Glaze. I think this is my favorite summer red to date! Definitely one of my top China Glaze polishes. It has a crelly formula and it applies flawlessly. Swatch below is two coats, no top coat. 

I wanted to let you guys see how Hot Flash compared to other China Glaze polishes. As you can see Red-y To Rave (another favorite of mine) is a true neon and while it is red, it looks orange compared to Hot Flash. Rose Among Thorns has the same brightness and tone, but definitely leans more pink. 

I knew Hot Flash would be pretty much the same as Cajun Shrimp (my old all time favorite summer red), but it's not. We will take a closer look at both of those in a second. It is also very, very close to Red Lights Ahead...Where?, but RLAW leans more orange and Hot Flash leans more pink. Looking from a distance they all look the same, but Hot Flash is brighter than both. Although indoors, you really can't see a difference.

 Taking a picture in lower light lets you see just how much brighter Hot Flash is than my other favorite reds. So, this makes Hot Flash more of a favorite for me than Cajun Shrimp (which is saying a lot)! I never thought a polish would push that one aside. I might have to buy me a back-up of Hot Flash :). 

With the 4th just around the corner I wanted to use this fun read in a holiday inspired design. I love nail designs that are simple. I love this simple glittery star on this bright shimmery blue polish. 

Here are the supplies I used to create this look (with links):

Click on the link below for the tutorial :).

Wishing everyone a fun and safe weekend!

- Go Polished

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