Saturday, November 28, 2015

How I Paint My Nails

I have also had several requests to know how I paint my nails. I have learned everything I know from watching videos myself and trial and error. This tutorial I made is the way that works best for me, and it's pretty simple.

Once upon I time I wasn't that great of a nail painter. After a lot of practicing and following certain steps, I have improved SO much. I still have moments where I am sloppy, but that's okay :)! It's so easy to just clean it up. I hope you watch this video and are inspired to paint your nails! You can go polished too! It just takes a little patience and practice.

Here is a picture of products I am currently enjoying, of coarse as I try out more products they can change.

Base CoatORLY Bonder is my favorite base coat right now. There are still others I want to try though. It has a rubbery consistency, which I think helps hold the polish to your nail.

Strengthener (optional): I use OPI Nail Envy as a base coat (instead of ORLY Bonder) if I feel like my nails are peeling more than usual. In that case I will use if for a few weeks at a time. Technically it is not a base coat, but it works great and gives my nails that extra boost they need sometimes. Amazon always has the best price for this, around $10 a bottle. In the store it is about $20 a bottle.

Nail Polish: OPI Miami Beet was my nail polish of choice for this tutorial. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time! It is a polish that has excellent formula and is a color that works for any season!
Pure Acetone: I use this for clean-up. You can also use nail polish remover, but I feel like this makes the process so much easier.

Clean-up Brush: I am sure you know by now that I love the Sonia Kashuk no 105 smudge brush for clean-up. I do want to try other brushes. Hopefully I can do that soon, but this one does the job and has a pretty good price tag. You can purchase this at Target.

Top Coat: I am testing out a bunch of top coats right now, but I have been using HK Girl Top Coat for months and I LOVE it!

CND Solar Oil: Because acetone is so drying I like to use this to replenish the oils around my nail bed. I apply this every time I paint my nails.

E.L.F. Angle Brush: Using this angled brush helps me to have control. When I apply the oil after I paint my nails, they usually aren't completely dry, so I like to use this angled brush for more control.

If you decide you like any of the items I list below you might want to drop a hint to your significant other ;). They would make great stocking stuffers. Or, you can do what I do and just stuff your own stocking! Ha!

Click on the link below for the tutorial:

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