Wednesday, February 22, 2017

OPI Fiji Collection Comparisons

It's time for comparisons! If you haven't seen my live swatch and review video of this entire collection, click on the link to see it! I talk more about the formula and application of each polish and show my favorites from the collection.

I got my polishes from Definitely check out their site. You can get these new polishes for $5.50 a bottle, which is an amazing deal as they retail around $10 in stores.

I also just picked up the two shades that are exclusive to Ulta, so I will be doing a short little video featuring those with comparisons as well. So Stay tuned for that!

Let's get into the comparisons, there are many to get through!

Coconuts for OPI- a taupe nude with an amazing formula.

I don't have a lot of nudes in my collection, but I wanted you to see how it compared to My Vampire is Buff. As you can see it's darker and more brown toned. This gives you an idea of the color tone and darkness.

I Can Never Hut Up- this very unique gray with a green shimmer is one of my favorites. I have nothing like this in my collection, so no comparisons for this one :). Yay! I love it when that happens!

 Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon- is a light cool toned pink and I LOVE it! Obviously one of my favorites.

In the bottle it looks also exact as Mod About You (a cult favorite) but, they are slightly different. which you will see in the next picture. And even though GNOMH is more cool toned, it's not as cool toned as I'm Gown for Anything.

Here is a close up of MAY and GNOMH so you can see the slight differences. The formulas are quite different as well. Where MAY is more chalky (which makes it brighter), GNOMH is more of a crelly formula and it's a softer color.

Polly Want a Lacquer? is a soft cool toned purple/lavender. Another one of my favorites!

You're Such a Budapest is darker and more of a purpley blue with a silver shimmer while PWAL is a purple toned lavender. I Am What I Amethyst is more blue toned. It was the closest to Essie's Groom Service, but on the nail they are quite different.

Here is a close up of the two. PWAL definitely makes me push Groom Service aside. I just have fallen in love with this new purple polish. Love!

Suzi Without A Paddle is a cool toned tranquil blue and it's beautiful!

Gelato on My Mind is Darker but the same color tone for sure. They are pretty close. I actually like SWAP better and that's just a personal preference. It is really really close to Mint Candy Apple (a cult favorite from Essie), but MCA has that more opaque formula which makes it a bit brighter. SWAP has a more thin crelly formula. I love them both equally!

Here is a close up of them all together.

Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet is a bright yellow creme.

EBDNT is the same color tone as JCC but it is slightly deeper and quite a bit brighter. NADM is a duller yellow and more fall appropriate in my opinion. I really am excited to wear EBDNT this summer!

No Tan Lines is a bright orange creme polish.

This orange really surprised me, I really didn't think I would like it but I actually really do! It's surprisingly flattering and I think I will look great with a summer tan. Ugh, I can't wait for warmer weather! I have nothing like this orange in my collection as you can see these WDSM and CRAC are more peach toned oranges.

Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?- is a mid-toned tropical teal which also has me longing for summer days.

I have several teals in my collection, but they are all slightly different, so I think I need to keep all of them :). CIA is deeper and more fall appropriate and AA is more green toned. I think ITASIYP has the perfect green/blue balance. I love it!

Living On The Bula-vard!- is a type of polish I love! It is a summery bright red, orange coral polish that looks different in different light.

I know there are several polishes like this one out there. AGMIHTF is the exact color, but the formulas are very different. LOTB has a much better creamy formula and it's opaque in two coats. It's a stunner for sure!

Super Trop-i-cali-fiji-istic is a straight up royal blue. I think you can find this polish color anywhere as well, but I am always a sucker for these type of blue polishes.

 The differences in these polishes are only slight differences, so keep that in mind. MPJ is slightly more purple toned and is a bit brighter and RGPB is a softer and more toned down blue when compared to Super.

Here are these two close up!

Two-Timing the Zones is a beautiful cool toned vibrant pink and probably my most favorite from the collection.

 I was surprised to find this color to be quite unique from other OPI's in my collection. The regular person would probably say that these look the same as these two here, but I say that they do NOT. Haha. I don't have Essie Lovie Dovie, but I compared them at the store and they are the same color tone. One of them is a little darker than the other. Sorry, I can't remember which one.

Do You Sea What I Sea? is a blue with an iridescent purple and a blue/turquoise shimmer running through it. I have nothing like this in my collection so I have no comparisons.

Which polishes are you planning on picking up? I would love to know which ones are your favorites. Thanks for visiting my blog!

-Go Polished

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  1. I really like all the colors as a collection but when I saw them I didn't think they were unique colors, thanks to this post now I know which ones I really need!