Sunday, February 26, 2017

Essie Spring 2017 Comparisons

Are you all ready for some comps for the new Essie Spring 2017 Collection?! 

 If you haven't seen my live swatch and review of this entire collection then click on the link below. In my review video I talk about the formulation of each polish and the application. I also share which polishes are my favorite from the collection. So, check it out!

Okay, let's talk about each polish..

Excuse Me, Sur is a gorgeous light peachy pink. 

***UPDATE: I wasn't super happy with the formula on this one (as you will see in my video). As I have used it more, I have found that I just needed to be patient and let the polish dry longer between coats because the formula is on the thicker side. So I am happier with it now. :)

 I thought it was nice to see how they compared to peachy polishes that were released last year- Peach Side Babe and Lounge Lover, even though they aren't super close. It is more of pinky peach when compared to these peaches. I love them all! 

Excuse Me, Sur is so so close to Couture Curator (a polish I love for the color and longevity) but they aren't exact dupes (as you can see on my nail swatch below).

Here is the close up. EMS is slightly darker and not as bright as CC but, you can only see the differences in bright light. I still prefer CC because I fell in love with it last summer and it lasted on my nails during my vacation for 9 days. Amazing! 

Backseat Besties is a light and bright cool toned pink. It's a stunner! 

 Cascade Cool is in the same family, but is darker than Backseat Besties. Look At My Bow (from the OPI Hello Kitty Collection) is the closest match but is a shade lighter and the formula is more crelly.

Here is a close up shot. In bright light you can see that the polishes get lighter as you go down the line. In natural light they are all very close. I like Backseat Besties the best out of the bunch when considering shade and formulation. Can't wait to wear this one this spring/summer!

On The Roadie is a beautiful cool toned green. Something about this polish is so flattering and I always appreciate a good green. I can truly say this is my favorite bright green polish to date.

You can see just how cool toned it is when compared to Mojitio Madness, a polish I like but not ever really loved. First Timer has a more chalky white formula and is much brighter and lighter than OTR.

Here's a close up. All three are very different.

B'aha Moment is a bright pink raspberry shade.

Speaking of raspberries, I knew when I saw B'aha Moment that it would be close to Essie's Raspberry. But, while they look identical in the bottle, they are slightly different when applied to the nails.

B'aha Moment is a brighter shade with a more opaque formula while Raspberry is a crelly with a red tone. So, not a dupe for sure. I don't have Watermelon, but I feel like that would be an Essie polish that might be a dupe. If anyone has both, I would love to know if they are.

All The Wave is a stunning royal blue polish and is now my favorite royal blue polish to date! The formula is wonderful and the shade is perfect. It has just the right amount of purple and it's just the right shade-not too light, not too dark.

I had several requests for comparisons for this blue, so I have quite the line-up here. Then we will take a closer look at those which are the closest. I put in OPI's Super Trop-i-cali-fiji-sitic (from the OPI Fiji 2017 Collection) because I wanted you to see how different they were. Super is more warm toned and not as rich in color.

Butler Please is much brighter and more purple toned. Pacific Blue is even more purple toned and brighter as well, and my Pal Joey isn't a dupe either. Not a dupe in the group!

I am sure there is a dupe for All The Waves somewhere, but I won't go searching for one, because this one just makes me happy and I wouldn't want to cheat on it like that. :) Just get it guys!

Designated DJ is a beautiful rich berry plum shade. I always fall hard for shades like this!

It is very close to Bahama Mama and it's pretty much a dead on dupe for Kerry Blossom from the OPI's Washington DC Fall 2016 Collection. I wanted to throw in Flowerista because initially I thought it might be close but, it's not. 

And can we just take a minute and appreciate Flowerista.......It's just an amazing polish. Love it!

Here is the close up. You can see how Bahama Mama is slightly more red toned than DD. And, you can see how close it is to Kerry Blossom. 

I would definitely choose Kerry Blossom over Designated DJ because the formula is To. Die. For!!  if you can't get your hands on KB then make sure to pick up DD because it's stunning and the formula is pretty good too.

Well, that's it guys! I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know in the comments if it was. I sure appreciate you visiting my blog!

-Go Polished


  1. You answer the question I asked on your YouTube video! I want to get OPI Kerry Washington so bad! The green and the blue polishes in this collection are so pretty!

    1. I did! Thank you for reminding me about that particular polish. I hadn't pulled it out for my original comparison. :)