Thursday, December 29, 2016

My #4 Favorite Polish for Winter 2016 is...


Merida was released as part of the Zoya Urban Grunge collection for Fall 2016. There are six cremes and metallic holographic polishes (including this one) in the collection. I knew I had to pick up this green once I saw it. I also picked up a few more from the collection as well. You really need to try ZOYA polish if you haven't. They are so consistent with their formulas and their colors and finishes are so unique. Especially this gorgeous Merida! It opaque in two easy coats, the formula is perfect and the holographic shimmer is so beautiful! And it's just as easy to remove as regular polish. So what's not to love?

I don't have any comparisons for this polish in my collection!

I don't tend to wear holo polishes as a solo mani. I feel that can be a little overwhelming (in my opinion).  But, when used sparingly in nail art designs holos add SO much without being to overpowering. You know what I am trying to say? So, here is the design I created for this one. I think simple works well with a stunner like this one. And, it's so easy to do! 

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial. You can go polished for the New Year holiday too!

-Go Polished

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