Tuesday, August 23, 2016

OPI Washington DC Collection Comparisons

I have comparisons for the OPI Washington DC Collection for you! 

If you haven't seen my full review and live swatch video for this entire collection, click on the link below! This video allows you to see the formulas of each polish and their application.

Pale to the Chief- a warm nude polish with a slight silver shimmer pearl with great formula.

The closest nude I have to this by OPI is My Vampire is Buff which is quite a bit lighter. I checked PTTC next to Salmon Sand in the store and the color is almost exactly the same but SS doesn't have that the pearly shimmer like PTTC does. 

Freedom of Peach- a browny peach. Such a unique color. I really love this one!

Comparisons from L to R: Where Did Suzi's Man-go?, Freedom of Peach and Taj Ma Haul. Orange is so hard to photograph, but WDSMG is much more of a true bright orange. TMH9 which just came out this summer) has that same browned out tone.

Here are Freedom of Peach and Taj Ma Haul together on the nails. They are pretty much identical FOP is just a touch darker. TMH has a thicker formula (that is easy to work with) and FOP is more of a crelly. Both are opaque in two easy coats. Can't lose with either one. :) Can't wait to wear this one this fall.

Never a Dulles Moment- a toned down mustard shade. (It shows up much brighter in pictures). A favorite of mine.

Here it is compared to I Just Can't Cope-acabana (left).

 And here is a better comparison on the nails. You can really see the mustard shade when compared to IJCC. Yellow isn't a favorite polish color for me, but this is one I will certainly wear. So pretty!

Yank My Doodle- a browny orange mauve. No other way to explain this one except unique and gorgeous! One of my favorites from the collection.

The only polish I had that came close to Yank My Doodle is Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. They definitely share the same color tone, but YMD is a few shades darker. GGTS also has some copper shimmer and YMD is a straight up creme. 

Squeaker of the House- a creamy chocolate brown. One of my favorite type of shades. Why do I love browns so much? Anyone else with me?!

Have you seen this shade before by OPI? Yes you have, at least one that's very, very close. You Don't Know Jacques (a cult favorite) is a touch darker and a touch more cool toned. (Basically the same though)

Close up you can really see the very slight difference. While both apply well, they do have different formulas, YDKJ is a crelly and SOTH is a true creme. 

Madame President- a bright raspberry shade with impeccable formula.

Comparisons from L to R: She's a Bad Muffaletta, Madame President and Essie Raspberry. It's much more purple toned than the newly released SABM and not quite as purple toned as Raspberry (but close). I compared it to other OPI's in the store which I don't have and it came closestest to Koala Berry, but they still aren't exact. Really though, a color this shade isn't too unique or too hard to find. But, this one has exceptional formula!

Here we are taking a closer look with it next to Essie's Raspberry. I love both!

OPI By Popular Vote- a cooler toned dusty berry shade with exceptional formula.

When looking at the colors in the bottles, this one looks super close to the one just below (We the Female), but WTF dries down a touch darker. 

We The Female- a rich but dusty burgundy shade with perfect formula.

Comparisons from L to R: OPI By Popular Vote, Just Lanai-ing Around and We The Female. I was surprised to find that I didn't have any polishes close to these. I have berry shades, but not ones with the dusty quality these both share, which made me love them even more. So pretty!

I added a few berry shades I have to the ends so you can see the comparisons. On the very left is All I Want For Christmas (is OPI) and on the very right is Miami Beet. Obviously not even close. Love the dustiness of the new berry colors!

CIA= Color is Awesome- A gorgeous dusky blue teal with fantastic formula.

It really isn't too hard to find a color like this one in any nail polish line. It is a very pretty shade though. Here it is compared to Couture Covet by CND (one of my favorite fall picks from last year). CIA has a much better formula in my opinion. And Essie's The Perfect Cover Up is just slightly dustier. I don't have Ski Teal We Drop, but I imagine it's pretty close to that previously released polish from OPI.

Stay Off the Lawn- a dusky teal green with fantastic formula. Another one of my favorites from the collection.

I thought for sure it was exactly the same as Amazon...Amazoff, one of my favorite shades. As you can see Stay Off the Lawn is more green toned and AA is more blue toned. They are pretty close though.

And with a closer look you can see that they are the same shade with a slightly different color tone. I think I like SOTL better and it seems to stain less than AA. (Although they both have the potential to stain.)

Suzi- The First Lady of Nails- A dusty swampy green with fantastic formula. I love, love, love this one! Ugh I want to wear it right now! Definitely a favorite of mine, but I do love green :).

Comparisons from L to R: Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window, Suzi-The First Lady of Nails and Zoya Hunter. STFLON has the same color tone of UORDTW but is much darker. And, it is much more yellow toned than Hunter

Close up of these two together. Gorgeous!

Shh...It's Top Secret- a rich dark brown with fantastic formula. Another favorite of mine.

If you have stuck with me for a while you know I love How Great is Your Dane (left) and it's the perfect dark brown, but look how light it looks compared to SITS. Wow.

Here they are close up and I added in Lincoln Park After Dark which is richer (almost black) and has more of a purple undertone. I will take them all please :).

*Special Edition Polishes*

"Liv" In The Gray- a dark gray with a slight green undertone with fantastic formula.

It's not too hard to find a polish this shade either. I do love that it has a slight green tone to it which you can see compared to Strong Coal-ition.

Kerry Washington- a bright rich plum with fantastic formula.

Comparison from L to R: Kerry Washington and Skating on Thin Iceland. While SOTI has a slightly cooler tone, they are pretty much dupes. If you don't have a color this shade pick up KW, the formula is better, which is hard to believe because SOTI has a pretty great formula too.

A closer look.

Inside the ISABELLEtway- a caramel creme with fantastic formula.

It's very close to ZOYA's Chanelle but more warm toned. In 2014 I choose Chanelle over OPI's Ice-bergers and Fries (from the Nordic collection), so I imagine ITI is very close to that OPI polish.

Whew that's a lot of polishes and I can honestly say I love all of them with the exception of the nude shade. (I am pretty picky when it comes to nude polish). Which ones do you think you might pick up? I would love to know! I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

-Go Polished


  1. Thanks! Great Comparison.

  2. Great post! I have some of the polishes you compared this collection to. I got Pale To the Chief for its awesome subtle shimmer, CIA=Color Is Awesome because is is similar to Essie Mind Your Mittens and I went crazy for that color! but I haven't found it in regular size, I just have the mini. I also picked up Suzi the First Lady of Nails, it's the second olive green I have purchased recently. I didn't pick up the yellow although I may come back to Sally's hahahaha

  3. Great comparisons! You are soon to have a new follower :)