Sunday, December 20, 2015

Red Sweater Nails

Red Sweater Nails

I tried these What's Up Nail sweater stickers for the first time today. 

I discovered as I began to use them that they are definitely made for people with longer fingernails. I definitely couldn't fit the whole design on my nail, I could barely just fit the snowflake and one detailed line :/. So, that was kind of disappointing. I wish they made them smaller. Although, at the same time, it was pretty tricky getting all the stickers out of the stencil, so I am not sure they could even make them any smaller. Bummer. So, I decided to make one of the detail lines a french tip and I think it was a good decision because I think it turned out very pretty! So despite me being disappointed at first I was pretty pleased with the result. What do you guys think?!

I also love the red, white and gold combo. I need to  make a quick shout out for OPI Red! It's just gorgeous! I hadn't pulled it out for a long time until this week. It's such a nice juicy red!! It's a staple for any nail polish lover for sure.

Here is a list of products I used to get this design:

Click on the link below for the full length tutorial! You can go polished too, give it a try!
*If you recreate this look use #gopolishednails in Instagram so I can see your design.

-Go Polished

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