Monday, May 8, 2017

OPI California Dreaming Collection Comparisons!!

I have the comparisons for the new OPI California Dreaming Collection for you today! If you haven't had a chance to see what was released for this collection, check out my video review and live swatch video. (Just click on the link below.) In my video I let you know how the polishes apply, how many coats are needed for full opacity and which ones are my favorite.

I got my polishes from, It's great place to purchase new OPI shades (they are only $5.25 a bottle). Make sure to get your order in quick before these are limited edition polishes are gone.

I found this color palette a bit interesting. There are a handful of colors that are pretty similar to what OPI has put out in past years, but there are also some unique gems. Okay, let's get into it!

Feeling Frisco is slightly peach toned nude polish.

It's pretty close to last years Pale to the Chief, but it is slightly more peach/yellow, and while PTTC has a slight shimmer, FF is a straight up cream. Topless and Barefoot is more pink toned. So no dupes here (at least in my collection).

And here they are close up :)

Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia is toned down peach nude polish. 

Excuse Me, Big Sur! is a dusty rose pink.

Both are unique and I am in love with them! I don't have anything like them in my collection (I don't have a lot of rose polishes in general). I instantly thought of Freedom of Peach when I swatched these because they have that same dusty quality but FOP is more of an orange peach. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes is also similar as far as tone goes but it is much more of a red/burgundy. I don't have Essie Stitch by Stitch but I think it might be very close.

Time For A Napa is my most favorite from the collection, it's a bright strawberry coral.

I originally thought it would be the same as Essie's Cute As A Button, but it's more of a raspberry shade and TFAN is more of a strawberry. SPF XXX is more of an orange coral and GMIAJ is more of a pink Coral. So many gorgeous coral shades all in one shot!! I love them ALL, but TFAN is my fave right now. I don't have Sorry I'm Fizzy Today from the Coca-Cola Collection and I am thinking it might be close. If anyone has that polish will you let me know? Thanks :)

Here is a close up of the two closest to each other. I will definitely be rocking this shade.

Malibu Pier Pressure is a bright cotton candy pink shade. 

It was pretty hard to capture the color of this shade because it's pretty bright (although not as bright as this photo), so please excuse the different lightings. Is this polish original? No. Is it beautiful? Yes. It's not exactly the same as these other two popular pink shades though, but they are super close. 

And here's a close up of the three. :)

GPS I Love You is a fun raspberry shade. Raspberry pinks are my favorite kind of pinks, especially for summer.

It's very close to the cult favorite Strawberry Margarita, but they aren't exactly the same. And, Kiss Me On My Tulips is more purple toned.

I think I like GPS better for summer because it's a bit brighter. 

This Is Not Whine Country is a jelly raspberry shade.

The color is very close to Madam President but the formula's are completely different. TINWC is a jelly finish and MP is a creme. If you love Jelly polishes, then you will love this one. And, the name is so fitting for the polish-good job OPI!

Santa Monica Beach Peach is a bright red toned orange polish.

OPI has released three oranges shades so far for 2017 and here they all are next to one another. I do like that they are all pretty different. I personally like Hand Me My Sunglasses the best out of all of  them. 

And, here are the oranges I have in my collection that are closest to SMBP. Sunshine State of Mind and HMMS both have a touch of pink and SMBP is more of a straight up orange shade. So no dupes in my collection, but I have t be honest, I don't have a lot of oranges in my collection. 

Me, Myselfie & I is a bright red hot stunning coral.

There are several polishes like this one out there, and several in OPI's line. Here it is compared to AGMIHTF and LOTB. I kept trying to find the very slight differences, but they are basically the same. Living on the Bula-vard! is maybe slightly more orange, but you can only see the difference under my bright lights. So, really I don't think you need it. I do like the formula in Me, Myseflie & I the best because it's slightly thicker, but honestly they all have great formulas.

Here they are close up friends :). I'll leave the tough decision of purchasing it up to you. Haha.

To The Mouse House We Go is a jelly red polish. I love reference to Disney :).

I only own two jelly red polishes and here they are below. Jelly Apple is has a slight berry tone to it when compared to TTMHWG, so they aren't the same.

And here they are close up!

and now onto the metallics...
Sweet Carmel Sunday is a coppery metallic polish with copper shimmer. 

It's very similar to Worth a Pretty Penne, but WAPP has quite a bit more shimmer and is slightly more cool toned. 

Personally I like WAPP a bit better because the visible lines in metallic polishes can sometimes drive me crazy. But, SSC is very, very pretty.

Don't Take Yosemite For Granite is a slate gray polish with a pearly shimmer. Another favorite of mine from the collection. Wowza!

The formulation reminded me a lot of Warm Me Up, but obviously that polish is more brown toned. I don't have any other polishes like DTYFG. It's a keeper for sure!

Whew! That's it for the collection. These comps take a quite a bit of time to prepare, so I hope you enjoy them. Let me know in the comments below what polishes you think you might get or not get after seeing this post. Thanks for reading along!

-Go Polished


  1. Although all the polishes are very pretty, I think I can survive through the summer with the shades I already have that are similar to the color in this colllection.

  2. Hi Laurie,

    This collection is sooo good. I am surprised to see that not many people have swatches it already. I do own Sorry i'm Fizzy Today and I believe it is almost exactly the same as Got myself into a Jambalaya. So time for a Napa should be a little bit darker and more pink toned I guess.

    Also I think barking up the wrong sequoia could be a dupe for A Great opera-tunity from the venice Collection. But I don't own that one. Do you?

  3. Thank you so much for the comparison swatches! They are awesome and very helpful, especially to see them on the nail. I had the same question as Linda - do you think barking up the wrong sequoia is close to a great opera-tunity?

  4. Also, I think Santa Monica beach peach is a dupe for juice bar hopping...

  5. Thank you for the very helpful comparisons! I think I need Time for a Napa!

  6. I've never heard of Do you need a professional license to order from them?